Essential Tools for the Homeowner

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Essential Tools for Any (Newish) Homeowner

Home ownership means that there will always be a to-do list ranging from the occasional project, both large and small, to the myriad of ongoing tasks such as mowing the grass or shoveling snow.  You will need tools if you’re going to live in a house, even if you have no intention of remodeling or are not a fan of do-it-yourself projects in general, even if your only project house-wise is to dial the phone to call in a repairman. If you’ve never purchased tools before, how do you know what to buy? What follows is a list of tools you probably should have in your tool kit for all the things that come up that you never knew you needed tools for.

A word to the wise: avoid cheap tools. Spend the extra money for well-made tools and they will probably last as long or longer than you own your home. If you have just purchased a home and the budget is tight, yard sales and estate sales are often good places to pick up a few good tools as you build your own collection.  If you are in the process of purchasing a home, see if the seller will need their tools in their next home, maybe they are moving out of state, downsizing, or moving to a condo. Often these sellers are willing to  leave (some) tools or you can offer to purchase them for a nominal amount. It's worth discussing with your agent and asking for their assistance to see if this might be an option. 

Suggestions for a great toolkit:

l Allen wrench

l Ball-end Allen wrenches

l Bolts

l Box wrench

l Brads, nails, and spikes, various sizes

l Channel-lock pliers (water pump pliers)

l Cordless drill/screwdriver

l Curved claw hammer

l Digging spade

l Duct tape

l Extendable-handle rake

l Glue gun

l Hoe

l Lag screws, machine screws, sheet metal screws, wood screws

l Level (2-inch with aluminum housing)

l Lopper

l Magnetic tack hammer

l Open-end wrench

l Pipe wrenches

l Pliers, needle-nose and locking long-nose

l Portable tool box

l Pruning shears

l Pry bar

l Pump water vacuum (wet/dry vac)

l Saw

l Screwdrivers, Phillips and flathead

l Socket wrench with a ratchet handle

l Sledge hammer

l Spray lubricant

l Staple gun

l Strap wrench

l Tape measure

l Torx screwdrivers

l Trowel

l Utility knife with a retractable blade

l Wire cutters

l Work flashlight

Enjoy collecting your new tools and that wonderful feeling resulting from home ownership. There is no doubt that maintaining your new home will be a lot easier with a well stocked toolbox!