Staging Part 1

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 To stage or ….. Not to Stage 

Actually, this isn't really the question that you should be asking yourself. 

Rather the question of import is: What should I do about staging for my specific property? 

This is because staging a property is basically a no-brainer--- of course you should stage! 

The National Association of Realtors has published the 2017 Profile of Home Staging,, whose data reflects: 

• A staged home has an impact on up to 49% of the buyers and 

• There is an estimated 1-5% increase in sales price for a home that had been staged. 


 As a REALTOR®, I have been assisting clients with preparing and staging their homes for years. I recently earned my Accredited Staging Professional Designation to refine my staging skills as I see that proper market preparations, including staging, yield fantastic results for my seller clients. 

1. What is Staging, really? 

 Staging a property takes many forms and encompasses everything from … 

• simply cleaning up a property before putting it on the market 

• to the ultimate renovation designed to make your property more appealing to today's buyers 

• and everything in between! 

 Your staging plan will depend in great part on your targeted buyer demographic and your budget. 


2. Define Target Buyer Preferences 

It is critical to identify the type of buyer that best suits your home. No matter the size of your budget, everyone can benefit from knowing the likely buyers' interests and preparing your home for market with specific goals in mind. 

• Develop a plan for how to best bring out the home's appeal reflecting that specific buyers' demographic preferences. 

• Set a plan for the exterior and interior space, room by room. 

 3. Decluttering 

 You wouldn't invite work colleagues to your home without cleaning up and putting away all the little extra stuff that seems to miraculously accumulate in our homes! So, clearly it makes sense to do the same when we put our home on the market and invite strangers in to see it—with the hope that they would like to live there. Certainly your home needs to look its very best. Decluttering means removing a vast majority of those personal momentos that make this property your home. Sorry, but If the home is too personalized, then it becomes more difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there! 

 4. Defining Clutter 

Now that you are all fired up …. But before you throw almost everything in the dumpster …. the next question to ask yourself is: What constitutes clutter? 

Is everything personal a no-no? Simple answer is no, not everything, just most things. Some clutter is easy to identify …. the outdated magazines, newspapers, school work from last year …. It all needs to disappear as do the school trophies and proudly displayed report cards. 

This Arlington condo was staged to appeal to “millennial” buyers. 

As a real estate professional, I have been advising my clients on the steps to take in preparing their home: 

• What projects to prioritize 

• What to put away 

• What to keep on hand 

• Where to put it to its best advantage 

• What additional resources are needed 

• And how to accomplish the goal of maximum return on the investment they made in their home. 

Smart Staging goes a long way to telegraphing the message we want to convey to prospective buyers … that this is a truly lovely home which they will be happy and proud to call their own. 

Next Up …. Prioritizing 

In my next blog, let's explore the use of Staging further and discuss how to prioritize your many tasks and determine whether to discard, pack, or use for staging!